Hello Expert,

I am Mitesh Sharma ( LEOxian)

During My studies, The Golden period to do innovative work, I decided to create, a small website dedicated to all My linux friends and New Linux Users. Websites creation were quite interesting and the web hosting were a kind of adventurous work for me.

One day at home I overloaded by doing linux configuration because of silly mistake then i went to net, I looked for it but did not find any suitable solution for such silly mistake ultimately after spending few hours i did configured it.

Of course finding unix/linux configuration wasn't so easy. I generally found a majority of Linux resources on the web to be either too detailed, too vague or just inaccurate. There were many excellent articles on specific topics, but they were usually part of a general interest publication, and information on related topics on the same site was sometimes hard to find.

There just wasn't a site out there that can provide step-by-step configuration for intermediate Linux home users who wanted to get their feet wet in linux configuration.

After a few months I decided that no one should have to repeat my pain and I created some technical notes now that notes are www.leolinux.in.
I'd like to thank everyone who made this site a success.

Corrections to the content of the site are always a priority. Please contact (info@leolinux.in) me immediately if you find any.
Business opportunities and offers of employment are always interesting.
Thank you for your understanding.